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Emergency Outdoor First Aid Courses in Cardiff and South Wales

The 8-hour, Emergency Outdoor First Aid course is designed to enable you to deal with emergencies when help is not immediately available.

At First Aid Cardiff, we have a fantastic reputation for our outdoor courses. Our outdoor first aid courses have been designed by our head instructor Indie Lyndale. She has over 30 years of experience working in the outdoors as a teacher and extreme sports instructor, both nationally and internationally as an international mountain guide. Our courses surpass the recommendations by the HSE for the Emergency Outdoor First Aid syllabus, and focus on practical skills and real life scenarios.

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What This Course Covers

First aid is a crucial skill for anyone who works or spends time in the outdoors. You may have to treat an injury or save a life when help is far away.

This course is very interactive and we use scenario training to reinforce learning and build real confidence and empower candidates to act when emergencies arise.

Challenging and stressful situations can get worse when you are in harsh environments or unpredictable weather. Having the right skill set can make the difference between life and death for you and others around you.

This 1-day course is designed to educate you in the basics of remote first aid. This course surpasses the recommendations of the HSE Emergency Outdoor First Aid course syllabus and is valid for 3 years.

This course is perfect for anyone who likes the outdoors or remote places. From walkers to cyclists, climbers to farmers.

All of our instructors are highly competent and experienced in managing real life emergencies and they convey this knowledge in their courses.

If you are an outdoor instructor looking for a qualification for a job in the outdoors, you will probably need to attend one of our 2 Day Outdoor First Aid  courses. If you are unsure about the required qualification for your specific field, please reach out to your governing body or give us a call.

Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch – 029 2280 8800

Course Contents
Additional Information

Course Prices

Bookings up to 5 individuals
£80 + VAT per person
Groups of 6 – 9  
£450 + VAT per group
Groups of 10 – 12
£490 + VAT per group


Your qualification will be valid for 3 years from the date that you finish your training. Should you wish to renew your certificate you will need to attend another 8-hour, Emergency Outdoor First Aid course.

Should you require additional FAA & Ofqual external accreditation, we can provide this on any of our private courses.
As FAA accreditation is processed externally, there is an additional £15 surcharge for each attendee you wish to regulate.

First Aid Training Courses For Groups

Training 2 Or More People? Have you considered a private group?

Private group training is available for any of our first aid courses, with great discounts on group bookings.

We can either host these at our dedicated training centre in Cardiff, or we can come to you anywhere in south Wales. We bring all of our own equipment, and will simply need some parking to be available for your instructor.

Please call us on 029 2280 8800 for more information.
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