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First Aid Courses for the
Construction Industry in Cardiff

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We offer award winning first aid training for groups or individuals, to help you and your team stay safe in different settings.
Our specialist first aid courses cover a wide range of topics, from workplace first aid to outdoor emergency first aid, and more.
Our courses are all entry level and you don't need any prior experience.


Your safety is our priority at First Aid Cardiff. You can be confident that all our courses are fully accredited and follow strict HSE guidelines.
You will receive nationally recognised first aid qualifications when you complete our courses. You can also request externally regulated Ofqual qualifications if you wish.


Our vision is that excellent first aid training should be within everyone's reach at a reasonable price.
That’s why we work tirelessly to provide one of the most budget-friendly options in the field.


You can find our training centre in the heart of Cardiff. It’s easy to get there by foot, car, or public transport.
If you want to learn without leaving your site, we can come to you! We can save you time by delivering on-site training at your own venue, without you having to budge. (Well, almost!)

At First Aid Cardiff

First Aid Courses For Individuals And Business Working In The Building Industries

We offer a range of accredited first aid courses for the construction and building industries across Cardiff and the South West.

Our goal is for every one of our customers to go away with excitement about their new skills and confidence to act in the event of an emergency. From one-to-one and group first aid courses to full business packages for employers who want to train their workforce.

At First Aid Cardiff we can fulfil all of your first aid needs.

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Life Changing Skills

Do all businesses require first aid?

The Health Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require all construction sites to have:

  • a first aid box with enough equipment to cope with the number of workers on site.
  • an appointed person to take charge of first aid arrangements.
  • information telling workers the name of the appointed person or first aider and where to find them. A notice in the site hut is a good way of doing this.
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We Can Come To You!

Of the 196 fatalities reported in the five years leading up to 2016/17
(Source: Fatal injuries reportable under RIDDOR, 2012/13-2016/17)

Tailored For People Working In The Construction Industries.

We Can Come To You!

Knowing how to give first aid is a skill that can help you handle medical emergencies in any situation, whether at home, on the street or at work.

If you work in the construction industry, there is a higher chance of accidents happening on building sites because of the type of work. Having first aiders on site could save a victim’s life if a medical emergency happened.

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These charts show the most frequent accidents that happen on building sites and the most common cause of death and serious injury.

The main cause of death is falls from height, which can also cause serious injury. Being able to react quickly to these accidents can save lives and prevent the injury from getting worse. Falls from height can involve severe fractures, bleeds, head and spinal injuries as well as shock.

Being able to treat these injuries on the spot before the ambulance arrives could make the difference between life and death. For example, someone who stops breathing has only about 4 to 6 minutes before their brain cells start to die. Doing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) will keep them alive until the paramedics come with AED machines and more help.

Heavy bleeds need to be stopped right away within 5 minutes or the victim may die from blood loss.

It will take longer than this for an ambulance to get there, so the first aider’s actions are very important.

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Non-Fatal Injuries To Employees
By Main Accident Kind

first aid courses for construction

Of the 5,055 injuries reported in 2016/17
(Source: Fatal injuries reportable under RIDDOR, 2012/13-2016/17)

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